This time last year....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

here is my first journal entry after I was banded.

I am here, I am alive, I am bloody sore!

I got to the hospital at 9.30am as requested. Got a bit teary when I had to leave my Mum and go up to the surgical waiting area. When I got up to the surgical waiting area there was the lady who was suppose to be first in at 7.30am still waiting. She had been waiting over 2 hours. Great! I'm that nervous at this stage I was running to the loo and now I have to wait another 2 hours!

A lovely nurse came and took me into a little room to get changed and put my lovely light green gown, paper panties (full briefs!!!) and my stockings. I then got to sit in a lovley recliner and wait there. I was chatting to another lady who was before me. This made the time go quickly. I then sat and read for a while until the lovley Jennene arrived. We chatted some more after meeting in the Dr's office the day before. We were both nervous, but again this helped the time go quickly.

I was then called in and wheeled off to the presurgery area where I waited about another half and hour. Finally Dr Crozier arrived to go over how they were going to knock me out. He was a lovely man. Quite funny and helped to take my mind off everything. Dr Bowden arrived and asked me how I was feeling. By this stage my nerves had gone and I was feeling teary again. They wheeled me into the theatre where Dr Crozier and a lovely nurse were waiting for me. They got me to slide onto the bed and before I knew it the lights were spinning above me. My last words were...."Should those lights be moving???" That was it I was out. It was 1.15pm.

I woke up at 3.15pm in recovery. I was feeling really dry in the mouth and groggy. I remember asking for some water and they said I'd have to wait until I got up to my ward. I must have nodded off again. I woke as they wheeled me into my room which I was sharing with three other people, one of which was the first lady to go in. Mum and Dad were waiting for me there and I remember them waving to me. I nodded off again and the next thing I remember is hearing my Mum talking to the lady across from me. My Mum talks to anyone and

I woke up at around 5.30pm and had some ice chips. Dr Bowden popped in and told me that everything went well and to try and rest up. At around 8pm they got me up to get changed into my pj's. Man did that kill. My stomach felt so tight and sore!!!! What a restless night! I kept waking up in a bit of pain throughout the night. Between the pain and the blow up pillows on my legs, not much sleep was had.

I was up and awake at 5.30am and ready to get out of the hospital. The nurse came in with some more pain meds and bunged up my drip. I then went and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I told the nurse that I was ready to go home. She laughed and said that I would have to wait and see Dr Bowden. Dr Bowden arrived at around 8.30am. He was surprised to see my sitting up and out of bed. He had a look at my wounds and told me again to call if anything went wrong or if I felt that any of the incisions were feeling hot. He sqeezed my hand and told me that everything went really well and he looks forward to seeing me in a couple of weeks.

The nurse came back in and gave me another injection to thin my blood and told me I could head off home as soon as the pharmacy had my Ibuprofen ready to go. At 9.30am she came in with my meds and an oderly to walk me to front reception. FINALLY!

We got back to the unit and I slept most of the day. Last night I was restless. I really want to sleep on my side but my stomach feels to tight. My back has been aching but a heat pack has been helping slightly.Today I feel pretty good and somewhat back to normal. My stomach is still tender and pinches when I get up off the bed or out of the chair. I'm going to try and not sleep at all today, so I can have a good sleep tonight.I'm finding it hard to drink my 50ml every 10 minutes. I sip away but still feel quite full. Mum made me chicken soup last night for dinner and I couldn't even sip it. I think I had too much water that afternoon!

So anyway, after this long winded post. I'm alive, I'm banded and I can't wait to be out of pain!! When I get home I'll post my incision pics. My port is down next to my belly button which I didn't expect.

Anyway I'm off to relax and read.

Feels like only yesterday!


NENE said...

Happy Bandiversary Bel, a year has gone by so fast.. Cant wait to see you next month..
xx Nene