Let the games begin...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well I am back home and getting ready to settle back into 'normal life'. My holiday was great, but I'm glad to be back home. The chaos that surrounds my holidays makes me not want to take them. The amount of overtime I need to do before and I go and the first week I'm back makes the holiday go to quickly, and also makes me feel like I never had a bloody holiday! Oh well, at least I'm refreshed for 24 hours before I go back to work.

So with this whole running thing I'm really going to go all out. Nobody is calling me back from my local running club. Is it rude to call on a weekend? I might try them again tomorrow morning. If I can't reach anyone, I'm even considering an online running coach. I have been looking at Pat Carroll. It's times like these I wish I lived in a major city where there is so much support on offer. Apart from all of this, tomorrow morning I will be up bright and early to tie my shoelaces and go for my first road run. Okay, I know that I'm kidding myself by thinking it will be anything but a shuffle, but it's a start!

A whole new experience....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just in case I hadn't mentioned it.... I'm on holidays. I went to see Dr Bowden and Trudy Williams (dietitian) on Friday and both were very pleased with my progress. Dr B did ask about my wine intake and I was truthful. He had a good belly laugh when I told him we were off to wine country after our visit with him. He asked me how did Trudy take it when I told her where we were going? Her response was that at wine tasting, YOU MUST SPIT IT OUT! We both had a good laugh and like I said to him.... AT LEAST I'M BEING HONEST!

We spoke of my goals and I have totally put out there that I am doing a half marathon mid this year. I told Dr B and he made the notes in my file. No backing out now! I am scared sh1tless about doing this half marathon, but I am so sick and tired of not following though with things. I told hubby about doing it and he just rolled his eyes and basically told me that I wouldn't be able to do it. Now in his defence, I have talked about doing half marathons for years and never followed through with a training program. For the next couple of days after we discussed it, I realised that I was telling myself that I could never do it. THIS IS JUST NOT ME! When somebody tells me that I can't do it, I dig my heels in and show them that I can.


I went and had a pair of running shoes fitted today at Active Stride and can I just say that they were amazing! The gentlemen, Glen that served me was so helpful and couldn't do enough to make sure that I had the right running shoes. Even though they knew that I was a complete beginner they offered nothing but support and the best advice. For anyone in the Brisbane area who is thinking of taking up running... go and see the guys at Active Stride!

So in wine country I will continue with my couch to 5k running program. I need to prove to not only myself but to others THAT I CAN DO THIS! Watch this space!

Shopping has been amazing this trip! I am now fitting comfortably into a smaller size 16 on the bottom and size 14's on top! I have picked up some amazing outfits and am loving the fact that I can buy from most shops. I still struggle to think that things will fit me. In Myer I was still trying on 18's and found myself wondering around the plus size areas of the store. I had to keep reminding myself that I am no longer that size. HOW GREAT IS THAT!

Well I need to get off here and start getting ready for an early dinner before we head off tomorrow!

I'll be back from wine country!