On the way to 38 weeks....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well this Sunday will mark 38 weeks. Only a couple more until I meet my little bundle!

I have been getting braxton hicks the past couple of days so am wondering if I will make it to the 40 week mark. Probably the fact that I am still working part-time doesn't help. I just feel so useless at home not working. I know this will change once the baby comes along, but I have never not worked in my life!!! I will definatly finish up tomorrow and that is it! No more bookings!

At my last appointment my weight had jumped up 4kg. So now a total of 10kg for the pregnancy. My pre-stretched stomach now has some newbie stretch marks on it! I have been into the bio-oil through the whole pregnancy, but I don't think it has really made a difference.

So the end of this journey is near and then onto my new life as a fit and healthy Mum!

Stay tuned.....