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Saturday, January 16, 2010

This time last year I was on day 2 of my Optifast diet AND I WAS STARVING!!! It's fun to look back at my journal from last year. I can remember being so excited and also scared out of my wits. My life has changed so much. Lap band surgery was the best thing I ever did. It has helped me to take control back of my life!

I was at work yesterday and had a client booked in who I hadn't seen in about 18 months. The last time she was in I was at my all time heaviest weight of 109kg. I was still with somebody when she entered the shop so I popped my head out and told her I would just be 5 minutes. I finished up what I was doing and then went to greet her. We sat down and got chatting. She kept looking at me strangely. Then came the question..."You are the lady I had an appointment with last time arent you?" Me... "Yes, you were pregnant with you second child" Her... "OH MY GOD! Please don't take this the wrong way, but you have lost a heap of weight! I didn't even recognise you!"

I floated for the rest of the day!


Debi said...

What a fantastic NSV!!!