A new start - take two......

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I swear to God I still have baby brain! I was up bright and early for my Dr's appointment. Doing my best to get ready before bubs work up. After a restless night he was not happy to be worken up. I had his bottle ready as our appointment was right when his feed time was due. We got to the Dr's on time with me ready to feed him only to be told that my appointment was tomorrow morning. When I came home and checked my diary - she was right. AAARRGGGHHH!!!! I had to feed bubs out in the car. Oh how my life has changed!

Thank goodness they have managed to get me in on Friday afternoon - so all will not be lost.

I was doing really well after the baby was born and was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight two weeks after his birth. Sadly in the past month I have been eating like a champion and my weight at the moment is around 96 kilos. The extra large bowls of ice-cream (with ice magic), chocolate and chips have not been doing me any favours. Oh, and don't forget the donut holes that I have been eating in the early hours of the morning when I am up for a night feed!

Time to get back on this weight loss wagon. The great thing with my fill Dr is that he doesn't mind giving larger fills. I am hoping to get 1-2ml in tomorrow. My sweet spot before getting pregnant was around 3.4ml. It will be interesting to see if that stays the same.

It feels like I am being banded for the first time all over again. I am reading up on the rules again as it feels like forever since I've had to worry about this sort of stuff. I have the last of my beloved soft drink in the fridge (that is probably going to be the hardest adjustment again) to finish off tonight. Then it's back to water, water, water.

I went and picked up a bug mesh cover for the pram so bubs and I can start to venture out for a walk in the morning when it's cool. Walking and some light exercises will do me to begin with.

I hope to be pregnant again by the end of the year and this time I really want to get to my goal before I fall. Even though I did well with my weight gain during this pregnancy it doesn't mean the next one will be as kind. I have set myself a goal of 80 kilos. Anything under that will be a bonus.

Somebody is stirring for a feed. I will be back tomorrow with my official weigh in. Here's hoping he can find my port easily!

A new beginning.....

So who would have thought that my last post on the 11th would see me going into labour just over a week later on the 18th!!!

Bubs just couldn't wait any longer to come into this world. He was born healthy and just adorable. Mum had a bit of a rough time, but it was all worth it!!!!!!

So tomorrow marks 6 weeks since I gave birth. It has gone so quickly and I am loving every minute of being a Mum! It is still surreal. He is just amazing. I cannot believe how blessed I am to have this little bundle. I have so much to thank this lapband for!

So 6 weeks after giving birth I am ready for this weight loss journey. This time to goal.

8.45am tomorrow I will have some fill put back in. This is going to be like starting from scratch again.