Lordy McGordy......

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We went out for dinner last night and let me just say the toilets at the resturant were lovely and clean..... while I was sliming and seeing my beef stroganoff twice!

Sorry Nene, you were wrong, I think that finally I have good restriction and now have to be very, very careful. The pain was unbearable. I was standing in the loo jumping up and down and finally.... up she came.

I think it was the chewy meat in the dish that did it. This morning my band still feels really tight. Swelling maybe????

So in February we are off to Brisbane and maybe Melbourne for a little holiday. Work has been so hectic it's not funny. The build up to the silly season is always like that. To make matters worse I have to sack and employee on Monday. I am so not looking forward to it as she really is a lovely lady. She has been with us for quite a while and even though I have had to speak to her on numerous occasions she has not picked up her game. Sacking somebody is the worse job, especially when you like them as a person!

I haven't made it to the gym as of yet. I really need to pull my finger out and get to the job at hand! I have printed off a big 84 and stuck it on the fridge.



Debi said...

I agree, you WILL make your goal!!

So sorry to hear you have to be the one giving the dreaded "your fired" speech Monday. It is never something that is pleasant to do, especially at this time of the year! Good luck & I hope you find the right words to let her down as easily as possible.

Happy Holidays

Debi said...

Just wanted to say, Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you comment on my blog. Have added yours to my bloglist so will try to stop by and catch up!