Back in the 80's

Saturday, December 12, 2009

So my weight has snuck back under the 90kg mark, just! 89.6kg to be exact. My last fill has given me excellent restriction and has really helped me to cut back on my portion sizes with no hunger between meals.

I have made an appointment to see my surgeon in January, but Hubby can't get month end off work. I will now put it off until mid February. That will give me an extra couple of weeks to get to my goal. I had set my goal to be 86kg, but really I would love to get down to 84kg. That would be a whopping 20kg lost in my first year. I am going to go hard and do my best.

I have downloaded a Couch to 5k program onto my phone. The program runs for 9 weeks which will have me finishing it on the 14th of February. What a great time to have a romantic weekend away and see my surgeon. Valentines Day!

I have done the C25K before and it really helped me to shed the kilos before my wedding. It's a great way of getting back into running which is something I use to LOVE doing.

If I stick with the program and finish it I am going to treat myself to a session with a running coach and a lovely pedicure/massage.

84 kilos here I come!!!