A brand new day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today feels like that time when you haven't had rain for ages and when it finally happens everything feels fresh and new. A clean slate!

Dr J (my fill doctor) decided to up the ante a bit and gave me a whopping 2mls for my fill. I can definatly feel restriction but we will wait and see if its too much. I now have around 3.4-3.5ml in my 4ml band. I will make my chicken salad for lunch and see how I go. Hubby wants to go to a buffet tonight but I've told him I will see how I go after lunch. I know that it will be a waste to pay $25 considering with the fill I'll be lucky to eat a small plate.

So my official restart weight is 91kg (yikes) I have just over 8 weeks before I see my surgeon and I'm going to do my best to smash 5kg off this body. Hubby and I have decided to go away for the weekend while I am in Brisbane seeing the surgeon. I was thinking a nice weekend in Maleny or maybe even on the Sunshine Coast!

For anyone that missed Sunrise this morning they had a story on John Daly and his lap band weight loss. He has lost apparently 50 kilos in the past year!

I taped the quick segment and am uploading it to youtube. I'll post on here once it's done.


Amy W. said...

I am so glad that you are back up and blogging. I tried to post yesterday (was it just yesterday?) Anywhoooo, it was so weird bc the very day you left a post on my blog with your new link I had been thinking about you! I was wondering where you went and how your pants were fitting (the grey pants).