Worst ever!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well we had our big society 'do' last night. I'm still not sure why they let us in! I had so many lovely comments on my dress. The only problem with the dress is the buttons on the bust. They popped open a couple of time. I am going to take it into the dressmakers and just get them to stitch it up.

Anyway, we are at the function rubbing shoulders with the elite, nibbling on finger food when BAM! I'm stuck. I made a beeline for the ladies loos and began to slime my little heart out. Finally it was clear. I headed back to the group, had a couple of sips of wine when, BAM! Bloody stuck again. So back I go to the loos. The pain was horrible. I was in there for a while and some lady knocked on the door to see if I was okay. I told her yes and continued to try and bring up whatever it was that was stuck. Finally it cleared and I was right to go back to the group. I didn't have anything else to eat, however we did end up at the pub drinking coffee martinis. My head is killing me.

My stomach is feeling sore today from being stuck! Might have to stick with liquids for the day and let it settle down. I have never had this in the whole time I've been banded. I obviously didn't chew well enough.

Anyway I'm off to nurse this hangover!

Big shout to to EM! Hope your wedding day was all you dreamt of!


Gen said...

That SUCKS! What a pain. I am thankful I have not had any public stuck episodes (yet). Hope you are feeling better!

Band Groupie said...

Ugh! I hate stuck...especially out in public. It seems like our Bands pick the worst times to remind us they're still working! Glad you had fun despite this!

Nola said...

Why does that happen when we are out somewhere?! Probably because we don't concentrate enough on our chewing when we are talking and "working the room" lol
You are doing a fantastic job!!

Camille said...

Hey! i found your blog from Drazil's list. I was banded Wednesday!!

lapbandlife said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! Most perfect wedding day ever!

Bummer that you were stuck whilst hobnobbing with the elite! I'm sure you looked fabulous though!

Em :)