Feeling great!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I just came home from the gym and I managed 45 minutes of cardio. I think the poor guy on the treadmill next to me thought I was going to have a heart attack, or maybe it was just that I can hear myself breath when I have noise reduction earphones in...... hehehe.

I managed to reach a goal I had set myself for March....

I RAN 1KM WITHOUT STOPPING!!!!!!! Go me! At at a good pace of 9.5km/hr!!!

Tomorrows plan is a walk outside and then Thursday I will hit the gym again.

Hubby and I are going to see a show tonight. It's a comedy show, so hopefully it will be good. I was keen to have dinner before we head out, but I think we will grab something while we are in town. I'll try to convince hubby just to have the leftover Minestone and Lentil soup!


Sandy Lee said...

Great work running the 1 km without stopping. Good for you. Keep it up.

You left a comment for me to Not look at the needle when I get my fill. Funny, I am fascinated by needles and always look. I used to work as an RN and gave the best needles-painless. My dentist today had to give me about 10 shots to numb my tooth-I almost punched her out. LOL but I will still look!

Hope you enjoy the comedy show!

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic achievement and great pace. I'm on week 5 of the couch to 5k running program and trying to stick to a pace of 9km/hr.

Em :)

Band Groupie said...

You're putting me to shame...great job on the 1K! And I've never seen preserved grapes before...well, lots of wine, but no grapes LOL! Keep up the running!