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Saturday, March 6, 2010

We had a party to go to tonight. This is how 'in control' I have been of late. I knew the party would be full of deep fried foods, so I made myself a healthy dinner before we left.... and wait for it....I packed cut up celery and carrot sticks.... just in case! Needless to say I felt satisfied from dinner and didn't need to eat anything, including the veggie sticks. I came home feeling on cloud 9! I have NEVER ever done this before in my life! So many times on Weight Watchers (or whatever diet I was following at the time) this would have been a time for me to throw caution to the wind. Eat what I wanted and try to make up for it the rest of the week!

I have really been watching my calories of late. I think with the band because you can't eat much you tend to not worry so much about the calories in things. This I have been monitoring to make myself aware of what is going in. It's working a treat. Heck I even drove to the party and drank water!! This is not to say that I am now a teetotaler, still far from it. I am now enjoying my wine and as per Dr's orders just having 1-2 small glasses a day.

So on the calories front I have to say how shocked I am with the calories in the Coffee Club's breakfasts! The best option is the omlette at a whopping 503 calories. Nearly half of what I am wanting to consume daily. The pancakes topped the calorie count at a whopping 999 BLOOODY CALORIES! Even though I would probably only consume half of that..... OMG! So I guess I go with the omlette and only eat half. I couldn't find any museli or yoghurt options, so I will see tomorrow. I know the Manager and maybe can ask her what is the best option.

I am in a real happy place at the moment. Even though I swore I would never count calories again, I am. The best part is that with the band I can easily stick to my alloted amount. Because I am not hungry ALL THE TIME it's easy to work out what you are going to eat for the day and actually do it!

I think I am at peace with this whole thing because I want to be healthy!



Drazil said...

Soooo happy you found your happy at peace place. Good for you!

Sandy Lee said...

Award time...come see my blog!