My scales are shite!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I forgot to post my weight in for last week. I'll update that now. My weight was down to 89.4kg. So a small loss, but still a loss.

I weighed myself this morning and what did my scales read... 103kg.
I hop off,
I hop back on.... 89.0kg.
I hop off,
I hop back on.... 89.5kg.


I did hop on again a couple more times and again a different result. I am buying a new set on my way to work today. I might get the ones with the fat precentage in them also!


Girl Bandit said...

Seriously??? How weird is that??? Thanks for your comments on my going to cut back on the wine too. Let us know if your new scales are any good

Shaggs said...

Please let us know how the fat measuring scales thang goes wont you? Also, hows the cutting back on wine? does it make a difference? I'm hard pressed to find it does cause if I'm not tipsy then I'm raiding the pantry either way - I'm stuffing something in my gob!

Anonymous said...

hehe my scales need new batteries - I jumped on mine and watcheda my weight go down though - was very excited when I weighed 50kgs!!!