A fresh start.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I remember a friend of mine who was successful (and still is) on Weight Watchers was discussing the key to her success.

Everytime I fall over (have a 'bad' day), I pick myself up, dust myself off and start fresh. Leave the guilt behind.

This is exactly the mantra I will be following. We beat ourselves into a pulp and then wonder why we are stuggling with the weight. My honeymoon period with the band is definatly over. Now it's time for some good old fashioned hard work. However in saying hard work, I know my job is made much easier because of the band.

Even though very few people know that I've had the band done, I must say that I am ferociously protective of it and what it stands for. Anyone else out there feel the same? How many people miss out on this opportunity and stay overweight because of something negative and completely silly that they have heard? Here was my latest eye rolling experience......

I was flicking on the TV on the weekend and there was a program The Diet Doctors on channel YOU. Just as I tuned in they began to talk about gastric banding and how it ruined this ladies life. Interested I stayed on the channel to listen to the story. It went on to show a lady who had the band done, had it tightened to it's full capacity and is now upset that she has to live on mushie food for the rest of her life!!! I am trying in earnest to try and find out when it's on again to tape it to make sure that I did hear correctly that she had it tightened to it's full capacity.

I just sat there and thought......HOW RIDICULOUS.

I had better go and get showered for my fill. I'll be back afterwards with a recipe for a fantastic lunch I made yesterday.