Nearly to the half way mark.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not that anybody probably checks here anymore but I thought a progress report was waaaayyyyy overdue!

We are now nearly to the half way point of this pregnancy. It has gone so quickly.

I haven't posted as really my 'band life' is no more at present. It will return after bubs is born. On a positive note I am still 2.5kg lighter than when I first fell pregnant and I'm nearly half way there. I haven't been dieting as such and I certainly do not have ANY restriction. My meal sizes are still half of what they use to be and I guess I have learnt some good habits with the band.

Here's a picture of our little bundle at the 12 week scan. Only another week and we go for our next one. We will find out the sex hopefully and that will help me with my shopping. It's so hard to find unisex stuff out there.

We are also moving house. We have purchased a bigger much more 'child friendly' place. I can't wait to move in and get set up for our new lives together.


Barbara said...

Here's wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy and a smooth arrival of your bundle of joy.
Don't worry we will all be waiting here when you return

Em said...

I'm still checking in!! You had all your fill removed hey? I'm making do since having my 1ml out but still struggling a bit to be honest, so may have to have the rest out at some stage.

Moving house and having a baby? Oh my goodness, that would be too much for to handle!!

Em :)

Shaggs said...

Congratulations girl!! What an exciting time for you!!! So good to hear you're feeling great and the weight is under control - I gained 40kg with the first baby!!!! This is such an awesome adventure enjoy every second and please keep us posted it may seem like we're not here but we are!!! And I want to know boy or girl??? and whats your due date?? Pics would be good too??? This could be my first blog baby!!